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Patients are the priority and should be treated as a person, not a number!

We have a new approach to family medicine which is Quality over Quantity.

It's called Direct Primary Care. We love it, our current patients love it, and we think you'll love it to.

Here's the gist: we don't accept insurance to pay for in-house services, which will help you save money. We love to see patients that have insurance. You need healthcare insurance for hospitalizations, ER and specialist visits, X-rays, outside labs, medications, etc., but you don’t need it to see us.

We offer a monthly membership with a one time registration that covers most of the care we give including unlimited office visits (wellness, acute care, disease management, sports physicals), access to provider staff via phone/text (including after-hours), in-office lab testing and procedures (see covered tests/procedures), coordination of care with specialists, hospitals, and other care

providers, and a whole lot more.

Watch this great video to learn more about Direct Primary Care.

How Are We Different?

We're a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. DPC is a unique approach to healthcare and our patients love it. So, how is it different?


Fewer patients

Did you know that most Primary Care Providers have between 2,500-3,500 patients? We limit our practice to 600 patients total. That means that your provider spends more time with you when you need her. Plus, when she is not actively seeing a patient, she is able to help coordinate your care and research your treatments.


No insurance

Bridge to Health, P.A. does not bill insurance plans so you won’t have a middle-man in your primary care. Decisions about your healthcare will be made by you and your provider without the impersonal management that comes from third-party payers. Instead, patients pay a monthly membership which can save money and covers quality care. Give it a try, and you’ll quickly see for yourself the value of this approach!

Benefits of Membership

Unlimited office visits

Forget scheduling appointments weeks in advance. Typically you'll get a next-day appointment - and it'll be free.

Better communication

Contact us whenever you want, however you want - email, text, in-person, even video chat. You're part of the family.

Discounted labs and medications.

In-house labs will be provided at a discounted price. Outside lab pricing negotiated for discounted rates. Medication prices discounted with cash prices and with various available coupon services. In the future, will look into dispensing medications in-office.

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Brittany Debeltz, APRN, DNP, FNP-BC

Family Practice Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Brittany Debeltz, APRN, DNP, is the owner and practitioner of Bridge to Health. Brittany is a Family Nurse Practitioner, certified nationally through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and licensed in Minnesota. She graduated from the College of Saint Scholastica in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in nursing. She worked in long-term care, where she became certified in gerontology. Although Brittany enjoys working with the elderly, she eventually went into primary care to provide continuity of care to individuals and their families throughout their life spans. After gaining experience in the nursing field, she decided she wanted to help patients further through an advanced role in nursing. She went on to get her Master of Science Degree in nursing. She graduated from a Family Nurse Practitioner program through Minnesota State University and became a certified Family Nurse Practitioner in 2017. After graduating, she worked in family medicine at the Bois Forte Medical Clinic in Nett Lake, MN. Brittany decided to continue her education to achieve a lifelong goal of a receiving a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, which she received in July of 2019 through Minnesota State University Mankato. Britany has roots in the area, as her family lives in various towns across the Iron Range. She and her family live in Cook, where they enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and gardening. When Brittany isn’t providing patient care, you can find her in a boat fishing or in a deer stand hunting. She also enjoys health and fitness and tries to promote healthy lifestyles in others.

Membership fees

Our fees are simple and transparent, as they should be. No hidden fees or complex invoicing. You'll know exactly what you're paying and exactly what you're getting.


Children aged 0 -17


Adults 18+

$35/member (not to exceed $200)

Registration Fee

$20 off/ per member

Group Discounts (2 members +)
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